Display is one of the most effective Internet channel to reach your public.
Graphic ad displayed on websites allow to sucessfully reach many viewers with minimal costs, that’s why the expenses for this marketing segment are constantly growing.

Multitude of display formats and diversity of settling mode allows to work up many versions of strategic ad (such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV). The most popular display ad formats are:

Banner as the oldest and still popular form of advertisement on the Internet. We can usually see it in top part of the website, shaped as a rectangle. A click through automatically moves the user to ad page or server.

Billboard available in a traditional version, floating or drop-down. Similarly to the traditional banner it is shaped as a rectangle. It’s the most popular form of an online ad now. It’s displayed in the best possible part of the website – on the top.

Skyscraper called also horizontal banner. The ad is usually placed on the side of the website, often on the right side. Its advantage is big surface, which guarantee noticeable exposure.

Middle text box is nothing more than a graphic banner, that is placed in the center of the website, inside the text of the article or in a side panel. Often used on websites with bulky articles. It is an attractive interlude among the flood of words.

Button is a rectangle graphic ad, usually in 120×60 px size. It usually appears in a side column of website navigation.