More and more users are accessing the Internet via mobile devices. Thanks to adblast you will easily reach them with your campaign.

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According to website publishers, the increase of the traffic generated by mobile devices is growing bigger. Over 5 million of Poles uses the Internet via mobile phone, smartphone, tablets or e-readers. From the above list, smartphone is the most accessible and the most used device with which we access the Internet.

According to TNS Poland latest research, 44% of Polish users has a smartphone, after „Marketing mobilny w Polsce 2013/2014” report. The estimations point out that in the beginning of 2015, their number is going to increase to almost 60%.

Smartphone popularity depends on the age. Among the youngest tested users (aged 15-19) 74% uses smartphone, and the range is still decreasing with age. In the 40 years old group, the smartphone users are 52%. Above 50 years old a high drop was observed, and among 60 years and up only every tenth person is using smartphone.